The Conservation Review Board (CRB) report on the David Dunlap Observatory property has not been released at this time.  When the CRB is ready, the report will be released to all parties to the hearing process at the same time.  It will also be available to the public. 
  Under the Ontario Heritage Act ( the “Act”),  upon receipt of the CRB report, it is Council’s legal obligation to give the report due consideration.  The CRB report is likely to be quite detailed and technical in nature.  While there may be expectation for the Town to react immediately, Council and Town staff will need adequate time to thoroughly analyze and consider the report and its recommendations.
While the CRB review process is underway it is important to remember that:

a) The Town has assertively pursued the designation of this property under the Act since the University of Toronto announced its intention to sell the property in September 2007.

b) The protection afforded by the Act as a result of Council’s Notice of Intention to Designate the property, remains in place pending the final determination of this matter.

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