The University of Toronto announced on July 28, 2008 that the David Dunlap Observatory lands are sold to Metrus Developments.  As indicated in the announcement, Metrus has “no current plans for development of the site” and it “intends to encourage ongoing science and learning by seeking proposals from qualified astronomers and/or clubs to keep the observatory and its telescope funded and running.” 

The Town is pleased that the new owner has expressed interest in the preservation of the three buildings on the property.  It is Council’s hope that the new owner will assist the Town in continuing to provide the much needed park and recreation facilities located on the property, specifically Observatory Park and Elvis Stojko Arena. The Town continues to take steps to officially designate the property, both with respect to the buildings and the cultural landscape, under the Ontario Heritage Act.  As well, no development of the site will take place without a rigorous planning process and the involvement of the community.

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